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Project Case Study

BrotherW Gaming

BWG Overview

Delivery of full scope brand development and content creation services for BrotherW Gaming online


Who is BrotherW Gaming?

BrotherW Gaming (BWG) is a premier gaming education brand launched in 2021 that emphasizes online community through the popular mobile game, Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire. 


They offer gamers of all castes and creeds the opportunity to meet other online gamers, give their expertise, and even publish their own gaming content through BWG’s various online platforms, including YouTube, Discord,, Twitch, Twitter, and Reddit. 


With livestreams published weekly, and a consistent system of output for uploaded video content, BWG has seen a ton of popularity and success in its initial months as a start-up content brand in the online gaming space.

Why They Came to MCS

When BWG first approached Manifest Content Solutions (MCS), they didn’t even have a name. But like many other unique start-ups and new digital brands, they did have a great idea: why not emphasize community and education through online gaming, while having a lot of fun doing it? 


With that in mind, BWGs team lead approached MCS in the hopes that we could not only create a digital presence online for their vision and content, but brand the whole thing while we’re at it! 

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How We Helped

Knowing the difficulties that come with building a game-stream content channel in an over-saturated market, and with the swift and diligent support of BWG’s team lead William Lowry, Manifest Content Solutions developed and communicated a future vision and strategy for the BrotherW Gaming brand. 


We immersed ourselves into the brand’s target game and audience, as well as the market surrounding these both. Then, on the approval of their primary client, MCS began the development of the marketing materials needed to give BWG a truly professional touch—setting them apart from other new, potentially unmanaged gamers in the space.  


MCS then moved to back-end development, proceeding with the start-to-finish design and development of multiple online platforms under the name of BrotherW Gaming. YouTube design required the development of a channel logo, header banner, and multiple YouTube thumbnail images, not to mention the descriptions and customization options to go along with these. We then took to the web and built an online portal where BWG could begin posting additional content for their viewers, making sure to improve the meta of that site to optimize Google SEO.


Finally, we took the time to build out a discord platform where community members and subscribers could interact, where we engaged new audience members and used social media (in-game and out) marketing strategies to build a greater following.


We then engaged the administrative and content management sides of this project by building out an organized file drive for backlogged media content and storage, and produced a tangible, step-by-step method for producing content that can be replicated by any new hires or volunteer creators in the future. 


With these platforms and systems in place, and already facing the public eye, MCS has since taken a supportive role in the content production and content strategy/ management of this brand's production. We also assist in the ongoing campaign management and marketing tasks required of this type of content project. 


Initial Brand Assessment  

Brand Name Creation 

Logo Design 

Website Design and Development 

YouTube Platform Set-Up 

Discord Platform Set-Up 

Content Planning and Strategy 

Content Management and Systemization

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