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Need an outstanding cover letter right away? Click to buy this GENERAL COVER LETTER TEMPLATE, applicable for intermediate to expert levels of employment. (You could use this for an entry-level position as well, at your own discretion!). 



Enter your information in the brackets provided and voila! A brand new cover letter ready and formatted to be sent alongside your resume. It doesn't matter what industry you're in, this GENERAL COVER LETTER TEMPLATE should work perfectly for your next employment application!


"In responding more directly to the requirements of this position’s job description, and to expand on my existing skillset as a [related, previously held job title, i.e. records administrator], I do want to mention that I am well-used to [actionable key-phrase from job posting, i.e. reporting market statistics for high-level CEOs], and have a knack for [skill, i.e. SEO management] that I believe will come in handy should I be required to [related actionable key-phrase from job posting, i.e. disseminate marketing information to lead managers around the globe]."


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General Cover Letter Template #1 | Fillable Employment Cover Letter

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