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Need an outstanding cover letter right away? Click to buy this ENTRY-LEVEL COVER LETTER TEMPLATE, applicable for entry and intermediate levels of employment.



Enter your information in the brackets provided and voila! A brand new cover letter ready and formatted to be sent alongside your resume. It doesn't matter what industry you're in, this GENERAL COVER LETTER TEMPLATE should work perfectly for your next employment application!


"Having read through the posted job description several times now, I am confident in my ability to respond to many of the requirements outlined there. To be specific, my extensive experience [-ing verb, i.e. coordinating] [related noun, i.e. inventory procedures] in the [industry name, i.e. technical support] sector, as well as my expert capacity for [related skill listed in job posting, i.e. customer management], would prove useful should I fulfill the role of [job title of position to which you are applying] alongside your team."


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General Cover Letter Template #3 | Fillable Employment Cover Letter

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