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Writing Services

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Whether you're a new content creator, or an established business looking to break into the online marketplace, ManifestCS can launch your online platform while building a consistent, sure-fire system for continued content output.


Struggling to produce routine content that keeps your audience engaged? You're not alone. There are a ton of digital entrepreneurs who haven't built a solid content management framework into their business or brand model, which can mean a ton of content going static. Let ManifestCS re-invigorate your existing content while we find more efficient ways to boost your content

production overall.  

There's no doubt about it: many of your customers are suffering from an information overload - so how do you get their attention in a sea of ads, campaigns, and emails? ManifestCS has a theory: with community-oriented marketing campaigns that build on local news, themes, and trends. Using some basic branding principles and a bit of creative magic, we are ready to challenge ourselves to improve the look (and reach!) of your next digital campaign. 


Content creation is where ManifestCS began, and it is where we continue to thrive. We've delivered on over 500 long and short-term project engagements across a vast number of industries, specializing in literary, scientific, medical, and business publications and productions. Our adaptability to any topic and subject matter further sets MCS apart from industry competitors in this niche, and we are proud to continue providing top-tier service delivery toward custom content creation, whatever your calling!


In an online environment, authority and credibility are everything. Yet all your expertise and authority can be dashed by - you guessed it - a simple spelling error. Don't miss out on a new client or customer because of a small mistake, and certainly don't let your next proposal or application go in for review without a third and fourth set of eyes! Instead, let ManifestCS take care of the rest - we're ready to deliver an error-free version of your document at a moment's notice. 


When all you want is your voice to be heard, it helps to have someone to hold the soapbox. That's our goal here at ManifestCS: to help writers of all levels engage their own writing in a new light, all while benefitting from almost a decade of writing experience from published lead writer, Jessica Barratt.  

Need Writing Help Fast?
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Tailored for those moments when you need a last-minute look at your essay, or want a little help overcoming writer's block, the following services are available at a flat-rate fee:


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