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Research, writing, and development of 22,000-word business eBook for TECHristic

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Who is TECHristic?

TECHristic is a tech support company with a vision to inform, empower, and showcase tech entrepreneurs on the scene, and to bridge the gap between starting your tech journey, and becoming a successful tech entrepreneur for yourself. Their aim is to provide education, tips, and the latest news on how to build your next digital vision for the future. 

Why They Came to MCS

TECHristic head honcho Cruz Bacieweicz had previously worked with MSC through another tech development company (app dev, to be specific) called Topflight Apps. Knowing the success they’d gained on behalf of TF, Cruz took his next business venture to a place he could trust. 


With this in mind, TECHristic approached MCS to take over the full development of a top-tier piece of themed content for sale online, and later, for publication. Could MCS research, write, and produce (even format) an eBook all about sustainable content creation, and how to make money as a digital business owner? 

How We Helped

First and foremost, we helped TECHristic by offering their team peace of mind in the full-scope creation of an eBook for later use as a content product online. Upon the delivery of a barebones outline for how TECHristic wanted the final product to look, MCS immediately immersed themselves in the subject matter and convened an in-depth research engagement to supplement the added expertise MCS brings as a content provider and digital business themselves. 


From there, MCS developed a structured wireframe for review by team leaders, at which point our writers began to write a 22,000-word eBook on the requested topic. Once completed and approved – with little to no corrections or additions needed – MCS then edited and formatted the copy into a usable document for upload to 


Finally, MCS designed and delivered 11 long-form infographics to TECHristic to help support the visual element of the content itself, as well as for later use and sale online. 

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Jessica outperformed my lofty expectations by tenfold. Among a class of skilled writers that should never be out of work, and I will look to create opportunities to hire her again. She…blended technical conciseness and pleasurable storytelling, while coming quite close to 100% error free results in a fast-paced environment. Very professional, great pleasure to work with, I will certainly hire her again.

Cruz Bacieweicz, 2020


22,000-word eBook 

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