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The Local Good

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Board Support and Campaign Management for The Local Good in YEG

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Who is The Local Good?

The Local Good is a collective of young, green-minded community-makers who want to help others in Edmonton and the surrounding area live a more local and green lifestyle. They work to connect people who are interested in sustainable living with local resources and topic experts, and host a monthly Green Drinks event (online or in-person, context depending) to improve the social atmosphere of Alberta’s Capital City!

Why They Came to MCS

The Local Good works through a board of excellent team-players who, in 2019, were looking for assistance with their blog, and the content published there. Knowing that MCS team-lead Jessica Barratt could surely help, The Local Good engaged her in an independent capacity to help write content as well as improve their community engagement and overall web presence. 


By 2020, and with their events campaigning and content development well under way, The Local Good had arrived at a new social media campaign idea: The Local Goodness Project. This project would target the revitalization of local sustainability in the midst of the pandemic, and would target different industries and niches for a different day of the week. Still, The Local Good needed a content expert on their side, and approached MSC to help!


How We Helped

In the beginning, MCS team lead Jessica Barratt assisted in the casual events planning, management, and content creation tasks associated with The Local Good’s operations. Once hired on as an official, acting member of their board, Barratt then began to manage community outreach online through newsletters and blog posts, and by coordinating posts and content blasts with fellow social media colleagues. 


From there, Barratt saw a huge opportunity for engagement when she was approached with the campaign idea for The Local Goodness Project. Given that the project was to kick off in three days upon being notified of the event, MCS (through Jessica Barratt) used every connection in their network to coordinate a team of 10 – 15 volunteer researchers and writers to help develop 30 days of written content, along with liaisons to community members and other engaged and proactive writing volunteers. MSC provided written content and research, as well as tons of volunteer communication, mentorship, editing, and review support as needed for the campaign. The Local Goodness Project was a smashing success, and gained the attention of local media and other community do-gooders. 


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