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Content creation is where ManifestCS began, and it is where we continue to thrive. We've delivered on over 500 long and short-term project engagements across a vast number of industries, specializing in literary, scientific, medical, and business publications and productions. Our adaptability to any topic and subject matter further sets MCS apart from industry competitors in this niche, and we are proud to continue providing top-tier service delivery toward custom content creation, whatever your calling!


Benefit from Trusted, Professional Expertise 

We're no stranger to the process of onboarding new client projects and returning polished deliverables straight-away; yet, we at ManifestCS will never rush a project to get it through the door. We listen closely to the needs of our clients, and build from the ideas and inspiration they bring to the table. We've established an excellent system for building connections with long and short-term clients alike regardless of scope, and hope to do the same for your next project. 

Skip the Writer's Block

If you've been struggling to get your ideas on the page, it's time to let ManifestCS take a look at what you've got so far; you may be surprised to find that everything you've been trying to say is already hiding in plain sight! We love the challenge of transforming an idea into a composition that is sure to grab the attention of the audience for which its intended. 

Save Money on Extra Sets of Eyes

At ManifestCS, our content team doesn't just write - they edit, proof, and format as well! When you bring a project or assignment to MCS, expect that you'll receive a finalized and publishable content product to your mailbox at your request.


What We Can Do


Whether it's the notes you've sent over with your latest project assignment or intensive industry research, MCS can help you improve your industry expertise


MCS specializes in the delivery of stand-out written content tailored to the existing voice of your brand or company, from web copy to sales proposals


MCS offers clients a simple yet versatile portfolio of custom graphics options for use on social media, the web, or for print publication



MCS has created a series of DIY options for those who are willing to put in the work, but want unique, branded results overnight

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