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Bond Consulting Group

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Project Overview

Manifest Content Solutions provides ad-hoc technological and medical content review for SR&ED tax incentive consulting firm.

Project Profile

Tools & Software

Google Docs

Microsoft Word


Microsoft Remote Desktop

Skills & Services

Content Writing


Content Review

Technical Proofreading


Scientific Report Review

Case Study Writing

Website Copy Review

Landing Page Content

Who is Bond Consulting Group?

Bond Consulting Group is an expert SR&ED incentives consulting company based out of Toronto, Ontario. They specialize in the assistance and support of new technology and medical research funding through various SR&ED claims forwarded to the Canadian government. The work they sustain is highly critical and confidential, and significantly contributes to Canada’s research landscape as a whole. 

Why Bond Came to ManifestCS

Initially, Bond Consulting Group needed a final set of eyes to review technical reports and claims from Canada’s SR&ED sector for submission to the Canadian government. With their capacity reaching critical mass, Bond Consulting reached out to MSC in search of a proof-reader who could review confidential reporting from the technology and medical research fields.

As they continued to grow, Bond realized they needed outside help from a practiced content creator to assist in the development of improved web content, landing pages, and social media marketing. Seeing an opportunity to further engage MSC, Bond reached out and has since hired MSC to support their content growth as they scale to accommodate a wider audience reach.

How MCS Helps Bond Consulting Group

MSC continues with the ad-hoc review of technical reporting in the medical and technological sector. We provide keen attention to detail and immerse ourselves in related fields to ensure our technical expertise matches what is needed to review academic material.

Bond Consulting has recently asked MSC to provide an appraisal of their current content in light of the content delivered by fellow consulting companies in their niche. MCS thus provides expert insight into areas for improvement, and to further engage BCG's audience to improve CTRs. 

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