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Digital Start-up Assistance

Find the heart of your digital brand. 

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Whether you're a new content creator, or an established business looking to break into the online marketplace, ManifestCS can launch your online platform while building a consistent, sure-fire system for continued content output.


Launch Your Online Brand, Company, or Marketplace

Did you know that the well-managed, consistent presentation of your brand can increase your revenue by 33%? Customers know and notice when your online presence is at the top of its game, and ManifestCS wants to help you 'dress to impress' by coordinating the start-to-finish launch of your next digital venture. 

Save Time, Money, and Your Sanity

One of the most often-made comments we receive from happy clients is how they could not have done this on their own. Truly, the launch of a new brand, social platform, or web service is a major commitment that can often end up eating up your time and money--and we know both are better spent elsewhere.

Gain the Advantage of Specialized, Unique Online Media

That's why ManifestCS takes care of the dirty work and spends those crucial first hours exploring the bounds of your brand potential. We specialize in a variety of individual launch services, including logo development, mission and vision brainstorming, web set-up and socials creation, and can package these together to cater to a specific brand journey or industry audience. ​


What We Can Do


MCS quickly identifies what sets you apart from other digital platform competitors in your niche to support brand optimization


MCS listens closely to the story you want to tell, and transforms that vision into a tangible, on-page user experience


MCS extends existing or developed brand materials into publishable content that supports your overall user impact


MCS supports new and long-time digital entrepreneurs as they move into the public eye, offering guidance well past launch phase

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