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Targeted Audience Outreach

Get the attention of your newest customers.

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There's no doubt about it: many of your customers are suffering from an information overload - so how do you get their attention in a sea of ads, campaigns, and emails? ManifestCS has a theory: with community-oriented marketing campaigns that build on local news, themes, and trends. Using some basic branding principles and a bit of creative magic, we are ready to challenge ourselves to improve the look (and reach!) of your next digital campaign.  


Streamline the Coordination of Your Next Marketing Event 

Too many campaigns today suffer from an inconsistent, unfocused approach to marketing even the most exciting and noteworthy campaigns. And while it can sometimes work to throw spaghetti at the wall, more often than not marketing and events campaigns end up a mess.  ManifestCS offers clients a public-facing campaign strategy that ensures consistency and clarity, with a creative twist! 

Your One-Stop-Shop for Campaign Marketing Materials

A marketing campaign requires a lot more than a new image for your social media site - though of course you'll need that too! Let ManifestCS tackle the development, creation, and publication of exciting, unique, and targeted marketing materials that are sure to 'stop the scroll' and increase the number of user interactions on your event, sale, or landing page. 

Don't Get Lost When You're Back on Your Own

At ManifestCS, we always take our clients along for the ride. So while we can manage the start-to-finish development, creation, testing, and marketing of your next campaign, we also promise a level of transparency that ensures you're set up for success once your project or campaign is over. 


What We Can Do


MCS infiltrates the ranks of your existing marketing systems and promotes your next campaign as if it were you behind the scenes 


MCS supports the creation and development of written and visual communications, 

customized to suit

your campaign


MCS will develop and deliver start-to-finish campaign schedules so clients know what to expect every step of their journey


MCS sets measurable targets and reviews the success of project campaigns to determine where goals where achieved, and where improvements are needed 

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