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Writing Mentorship and Project Consultations

Always write with someone on your side.

Project Consultations /





Alt. Creative Projects

When all you want is your voice to be heard, it helps to have someone to hold the soapbox. That's our goal here at ManifestCS: to help writers of all levels engage their own writing in a new light, all while benefitting from almost a decade of writing experience from published lead writer, Jessica Barratt.


Take a New Look at an Old Project

If you've been holding onto that special project for a long time and are ready to get real and invest both your time and money into making it the best it can be, dust off the manuscript because ManifestCS has a ton of energy to give even the most long-lost and forgotten project.

Reinvigorate Your Love for Writing

Need a little added motivation to write? Sometimes a quick conversation with someone in the industry can sustain a whole week of creative flow! Tell ManifestCS about a project you're having trouble getting off the ground, give us a week, and get ready for some exciting updates from the frontlines.

Come Away with a Finished Product or Future Direction

Regardless of whether you walk away from your future engagement with a finished project, ManifestCS can certainly provide you with a better understanding of what it is you need to do to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself, and for your creative project.


What We Can Do



Send us your work, give us time to reflect, and hang tight for some written and vocal feedback regarding your next project



Whatever the stage of your project, we'd love to hear about it; reach out and book a time to discuss an upcoming project with a fellow creative producer


Avoid writer's block and hand over what you have; MCS can transform even the most disorganized mess into a coherent whole



Stay motivated with weekly check-in sessions and 'homework' assignments to make sure you get your project done

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