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Get expert help for your next writing project.

Publish your written work more confidently (and sooner!) with one-on-one reviews and editing support tailored to your writing goals and style. 


Popular Writing Services

Book Manuscript Review

From scraps of paper to your final draft, our writing experts will review your current manuscript and provide comprehensive feedback about what's working, and what needs work.

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Academic Paper Review

Working on an essay or thesis project? Get expert writing feedback on your academic work or journal publication before you submit.

All disciplines welcome. 

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On-Call Writing Support

Stay connected with on-call writing support for your blog or business. Our top writing expert will be on-hand to fulfill all your writing, editing, and proofreading needs on a monthly basis.

Enjoy flexible writing & editing support, no matter the subject.

Manifest Content Solutions

We can help you write, edit, or review...

  • Book and eBook Manuscripts

  • Short Stories & Poetry

  • Academic Papers & Dissertations

  • Research Articles

  • Blog Posts

  • Email & Newsletter Campaigns

  • Website Copy

  • Social Media Posts

  • Professional Bios

  • Video Scripts & Transcripts

  • Advertising & Marketing Copy

  • Book Proposals

...and so much more!

Need Writing Help Fast?
Try one of our one-click services below:

Tailored for those moments when you need a last-minute look at your essay, or want a little help overcoming writer's block, the following services are available at a flat-rate fee:


Jake Rundell, Marketing Manager

"Jessica consistently delivers high-quality work with impressive turnaround times, making her an invaluable asset to our team. Her dedication, collaborative spirit, and eagerness to learn set her apart in the industry."


My name is Jessica Barratt

...and in 2013, armed with little more than a Bachelor's Degree, I began helping friends and relatives write and edit essays, resumes, and other application docs. That is, until word got out and I started taking on bigger projects with even bigger stakes. 

Now more than ten years later, I am proud to say I've been guiding writers and writing projects to completion in a variety of disciplines, from medicine, to science, to technology. 

So, if you need help on a writing project, or just want to book a sound-boarding session with a fellow creative, feel free to reach out anytime.

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Benjamin Jakabek, Immigration Lawyer

"Outstanding work! Got everything perfect on the first draft. Excellent ability to understand the message and then translate it into crystal clear writing. Keeping Jessica front of mind for all future copy related projects!"

Project History

Here's a quick snapshot of projects we've completed in the past:


Learn how we can support your next writing project.

Not sure if any of our writing services are right for your your next project? 

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