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Project Overview

Provided manuscript guidance, writing support, copy-editing, review, formatting, and publication assistance for two published works in the genre of trauma recovery and sound healing totalling over 120K words. Remained on-hand for virtual and in-person assistance with start-to-finish manuscript production, working one-on-one with Brain Bliss founder Mahalia Michael to streamline publications for the public eye.

Project Profile

Tools & Software

Google Suite



Amazon KDP




Skills & Services

Book Coaching

Manuscript Review

Manuscript Writing

Manuscript Editing

Book Formatting

Publication Support


750-page print-book

232-page ebook

Cover Art

Illustrations & Graphics

Who is Brain Bliss? founder Mahalia Michael is a transmitter of the Allumina Light Sound technology, developed over years of practice. She uses this technology to support trauma recovery for those who are ready for a sound-body transformation. Using whale and dolphin altruistic frequencies, Mahalia reflects and supports the recalibration of our beautiful brains toward connection with Source. At it's heart, this technology is about helping others find the sparkling treasure and paradise that lives within.

Why Brain Bliss Came to ManifestCS

Mahalia Michael, founder of the Brain Bliss technology, had been looking for a supportive book editor who could not only give her advice, but who could help her actually write the book she wanted to write! She also wanted a friendly face who was open-minded to the scientific ideas she wanted to share in her book. Knowing that our founder, Jessica Barratt, has a history in research psychology, Mahalia felt she would be a great fit to support her goals of writing her first large publication in the trauma recover and sound medicine niche.

How We Helped Brain Bliss

Looking for someone to help her write her book, Brain Bliss Founder Mahalia Michael hired Manifest Content Solutions to coordinate multiple pieces of writing into a long-form work. After fully reviewing texts spanning 100K words, MCS proposed an outline for a future book that would make use of the main tenets of those original works. Within months of diligent writing, transcription, coaching, and editing, the first draft of The Medical Musician was born. Then, through several more months of finessing, including side-by-side editing, discussion sessions, image development, cover art creation, and formatting different PDFs for the final submission of the manuscript for printing, Manifest Content Solutions provided non-stop communication to ensure the project got over the finish line. 

Once printed, it was determined that the longer work of 750 words packed a large punch, and that a more digestible version of this work could improve accessibility to the book's subject matter. In just one month Manifest Content Solutions was able to work in tandem with Mahalia to produce a short-version print and ebook through Amazon to get readers interested in the longer work called How to Become a DNA Dynamo, which is now available for purchase online.


"I reverently BOW with bouquets of ROSES to this TREASURE, my cheerleading editor, Jessica Barratt for her extraordinary skill at Captaining my Chronicle Crusade, birthing this Mother Ship as only a well experienced Manuscript Midwife could do. I could not and would not have done this with anyone else but YOU!"

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