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Amplify your content production.

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Struggling to produce routine content that keeps your audience engaged? You're not alone. There are a ton of digital entrepreneurs who haven't built a solid content management framework into their business or brand model, which can mean a ton of content going static. Let ManifestCS re-invigorate your existing content while we find more efficient ways to boost your content production overall.  


Learn New Tools to Improve Content Output 

Whether you're a sole-owner content creator or have a team at the ready, it's time to make sure you're producing at maximum capacity. ManifestCS takes a hard look at your current production system to provide added economy, while introducing and onboarding new tools you can keep using long after MCS says goodbye. 

Forecast What Your Target Audience Wants to See

If you've been in full production mode for a while, it's time to touch base with your audience to make sure you're producing the content they need - not just the content you want. Let ManifestCS help you strike a balance between content creativity and market potential through targeted research assessments and feedback campaigns that'll give you an improved picture of how to broaden your existing base, while staying true to your original brand focus.

Take a Hands-Off Approach to Passive Content Production 

Looking to set your content machine in motion, but don't have the time? ManifestCS has almost a decade's experience bridging the gap between what you want, and what your audience sees on the (web)page. With accounts access, we can take on the basic front-end management of every piece of content you produce. What's more, we'll find ways to use that content again and again so none of your efforts remain static in a hidden desktop folder. 


What We Can Do


MCS gets to know you and your vision for content output and uses a media sustainability mindset to develop improved content strategy


MCS takes a hard look at your existing media systems and assesses where your content machine could use a tune-up, before offering a quick-fix ourselves


MCS systemizes the administration and organization of your platform's media collection to make sure none of your existing content goes to waste


MCS builds a content model that you can use to guide future content output, and towards the training of new members as you take your platform to scale

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